This Space

‘life and all this living’

I’ve been dipping in to Pádraig Ó Tuama‘s book, Readings from the Book of Exile. Something in this stanza from his poem, And even though you do not know your name, draws me back to this long-neglected blog space:

This space is yours,
whatever it is called,
named by life and all this living,
and all the best things that regret can bring
and all the hope you muster.

Pádraig Ó Tuama, And even though you do not know your name in Readings from the Book of Exile

I’m not making any promises, but enough of regret – life, and all this living, and hope remains.

Should We Call Him, King?

I was recently introduced to the practice of writing 50-word stories (not more, not less!) in response to a scripture passage. So, I’m giving it a go! (perhaps you might like to try writing your own!)

Here is my 50-word story response to the lectionary gospel reading this week – John 18:33-37 “So you are a king?” (v.37):

Should we call him king, this Jesus? Why did he decline to answer Pilate’s question; it seems straightforward enough.

What is this other-worldly kingdom that his followers don’t need to defend? What is this truth heard only by those who listen? I get that Pilate was perplexed. I am too.

Georges Rouault, Christ condemned by Pilate, wood engraving, 1939

Giver of Beauty and Joy

I posted this on facebook this week:


Anne has brought these to share with the women gathered for the Tuesday afternoon knitting group at Airport West Uniting Church. She’s picked them today; at the moment, she’s picking this many EVERY DAY. She gives them to everyone she knows; beautiful giver of beauty and joy.


It’s the post I’ve received the most feedback from this week, which tells me we’re all craving for something beautiful.

I’ve got a bunch of them in a vase in my living room, they’re filling the room with a heady scent and serving as a sweet-smelling sacrifice to our need for beauty.

let’s all be on the lookout to find ways to be givers of beauty and joy in a world with too much ugliness and hate.