Should We Call Him, King?

I was recently introduced to the practice of writing 50-word stories (not more, not less!) in response to a scripture passage. So, I’m giving it a go! (perhaps you might like to try writing your own!)

Here is my 50-word story response to the lectionary gospel reading this week – John 18:33-37 “So you are a king?” (v.37):

Should we call him king, this Jesus? Why did he decline to answer Pilate’s question; it seems straightforward enough.

What is this other-worldly kingdom that his followers don’t need to defend? What is this truth heard only by those who listen? I get that Pilate was perplexed. I am too.

Georges Rouault, Christ condemned by Pilate, wood engraving, 1939

The Field Beyond



In a week in which conflict has been an underlying theme, I find myself longing for Rumi’s mystical field.

But …

Where is that field?
What does it cost to go there?
Will the Other(s) meet me there?

Imagine what the world would look like if even some of us make the journey …